Moral Quotes

Quote Site Traffic Goals

Our brand new site Moral Quotes uses out of copyright quotes with our very own take on the quote. Each quote has a unique image, which contains quality meta for the image to generate backlinks which will organically grow our site. Most quote sites use APIs (an application programming interface) to get quotes from movies, novels, or famous people. This poses a duplicate content risk to a site. So we’re going the smaller quality route utiliing quotes that mean something to us personally rather than wholly chasing easy keywords. We’ll also grow dedicated social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It will also benefit as a strategic traffic funnel to our other sites.

The primary revenue source will be ads, affiliate backed merch with the quotes on them such as mugs, t-shirts or mouse pads.

Domain History

I first spotted this domain 12 months ago but was too slow to register it. Twelve months later the name was dropped as I was able to snap it up at reg cost. back in 2007 – a low quality API scripted site.

First Registered: October 2005

WBY: February 18, 2007

Site Launched 25 Feb 2022

Feb 2022 DR 1.4, BL 137, RD 57. Posts 6. GA Users 5- Sessions 7 – Bounce Rate 71.43% – Session Duration 0m 03s