How it works and our Frequently Asked Questions


How it Works

Complete your due diligence then tell us which domain you want to acquire by purchasing the domain / website through our online store. Older, shorter domains with internet-savvy names and popular suffixes (e.g., .com or are of greater value. Some of our sites are listed on third party services which provide brokerage and escrow which you may choose to use instead. Please note the price may be higher on these sites due to commission or other listing fees. 

Complete the Purchase

The buyer does not take over the domain until the purchase price has been paid by bank transfer. Please use the domain name as the payment reference. We will call and / or email you to discuss transfer steps.

Transfer of ownership

There are two main transfer of ownership options:

  1. You create an account with our ISP (UK based). Take ownership quickly of your domain / website vis logging into your dedicated client area. You can then either transfer (at your cost / leisure) to your existing ISP or manage the account as normal. This approach to transferring ownership usually takes less than 24 hours.
  2. Domain and file transfer to a different ISP. You provide us with your ISP details and we will initiate evidenced transfer to your chosen ISP. We will separately provide you with a .zip download link for any website purchase, configuration is your responsibility. A domain transfer to another ISP may take 2 - 14 days depending on the ISP.